What causes Irregular Tire Wear?

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Causes of Irregular Tire Wear:

Just as vehicles, drivers, and driving habits are different from one another, not all tires are identical, and that they can wear at very different rates. As an example, high-performance tires for sports cars wear more quickly than touring tires for a family sedan. However, a spread of things can cause a tire to wear out before expected, and/or cause it to wear irregularly and make noise or vibration. Two common causes of early tire wear out and irregular tire wear are improper inflation pressure and out-of-spec alignment conditions.


Improper Inflation Pressure:

When a tire is wrongly inflated, there’s an honest chance it’ll start to wear quicker and/or unevenly. Not only do vehicle manufacturers specify the inflation pressures for the front and rear tires to optimize performance for ride comfort, handling, and fuel economy, they also take into consideration tire wear. Proper inflation pressure helps optimize the distribution of carload, acceleration, braking, and cornering forces within the tread. If the tire pressure is simply too low, or maybe too high, the contact patch of the tire tread isn’t optimized to handle the wide range of jobs it’s asked to try and do. Thus, different parts of the tread are also abraded away more quickly and/or irregularly.

Check the pressure altogether of your tires, including the spare, each month. Also, check it before happening an extended trip or after you arrange to carry an additional load. You’ll find the vehicle manufacturer’s tire pressure specifications on a placard/label affixed to the driver’s door or together with the door jam. You’ll also check your vehicle owner’s manual for tire pressure recommendations.


Out of Spec Tire Alignment:

Tire alignment, also called wheel alignment, refers to the adjustment of the vehicle’s steering and suspension components – the system that connects and controls the motion of the wheels. It’s not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves. The key to proper alignment is to regulate the angles of the tires and their contact with the road following the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications for parameters like camber, toe, and caster.

Improper tire alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly and prematurely. Common irregular tire tread wear conditions from improper alignment include the following:

  1. Heel/toe tire wear: This happens when one side of the tread blocks is wearing faster than the opposite side circumferentially. After you run your get in the tread blocks, they’re going to want saw teeth. Heel/toe wear typically occurs during a shoulder rib and is usually caused by excessive positive or negative toe.
  2. Feather edge tire wear: Tires are “feathered” when the tread ribs are worn lower/smoother on one side and higher/sharper on the opposite. This can be often caused by a mix of improper alignment settings, like excessive toe and caster.
  3. One-sided shoulder tire wear: This sort of irregular tread wear means the within or outside shoulder rib of the tread is significantly more worn than the opposite ribs. Also referred to as camber wear, excessive positive or negative camber often causes this kind of damage.

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