What are the Types of Turbocharger?

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Types of Turbocharger:

There are several different kinds of turbochargers:

  1. Single-Turbo
  2. Twin-Turbo
  3. Twin-Scroll Turbo
  4. Variable Geometry Turbo
  5. Variable Twin-Scroll Turbo
  6. Electric Turbo


Single Turbos:

Single turbos are the foremost traditional form of the turbocharger. Single turbos are available in many various styles. They will be large or small. Larger turbos have more top-end power, while smaller turbos spool faster for better low-end power. Single turbos are economical thanks to increasing power or provide a small engine more boost. However, they will have a narrow RPM range, so you’ll need to decide whether you would like more low-end or top-end power.



A twin-turbo is just a two turbocharger setup. If you’ve got a V6 or V8, you’ll be able to use one turbo for every cylinder bank. You’ll be able to even have one small and one large turbo. This may offer you power in a very wider RPM range. They’re costlier as you’re essentially doubling one turbo. Since there are more components, they will even be heavier.


Twin-Scroll Turbos:

As an engine’s cylinders fire, exhaust gases enter the turbo in pulses. Twin-scroll turbos use two scrolls to separate the exhaust pulses. Meaning on a four-cylinder engine, two cylinders feed to at least one scroll while the opposite two feed to a unique scroll. They need a divided inlet turbine housing and manifold that pairs the proper cylinders with each scroll. This prevents the pulses from overlapping and interfering with one another, which implies less turbo lag. Twin-scroll turbos are more efficient and supply denser, purer air to the cylinders.


Variable Geometry Turbos:

Variable geometry turbos (VGTs) are usually utilized in diesel engines with lower exhaust gas temperatures. They need a hoop of aerodynamically shaped vanes within the turbine housing that rotate to vary the gas swirl angle. This implies you’ll get less turbo lag and a wider boost range.


Variable Twin-Scroll Turbos:

Variable twin-scroll turbos are a mix of a VGT and twin-scroll turbo. At low RPMs, one in all the scrolls is closed to force the air to the opposite. At higher speeds, a valve opens to send air into the opposite scroll. It’ll offer you the advantage of a twin-turbo setup but by using just one turbo. Variable twin-scroll turbos provide a flat and wide torque curve.


Electric Turbos:

Electric turbos use an electric motor that spins the turbo’s compressor until the exhaust volume is high enough to try and do the work. This beautiful much eliminates turbo lag and provides a moment boost. They will be complicated and expensive, but you’ll get a wider RPM range with level torque throughout.

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