What are the Signs of a Bad Timing Belt?

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Signs of a Bad Timing Belt:

Like any part of your engine, over time your timing belt is subject to lots of wear and tear, and intense heat that’s gonna takes its toll. The teeth of the belt can wear off, the belt may slip from the gears, or it can break entirely. If any of those happen, it could cause some potentially serious damage to your engine which you are going to need to avoid the least bit costs. That’s why it’s recommended that your timing belt gets changed every 60,000 miles to 90,000 miles. This also abundantly depends on the make and model of your vehicle.

There are some clear signs you need to look out for to let you know that you may have a problem with your timing belt and it’s gonna be changed soon.



The sounds your car makes are one of the simplest ways you’ll diagnose an issue along with your vehicle. You ought to bear in mind how your engine sounds when it’s operating under normal conditions, so after you start to listen to a sound that you just don’t expect coming from under the hood. If it is a problem with your timing belt you are going to be hearing a sustained, repetitive ticking sound coming from under the hood. It sounds a bit like someone spinning a wheel very quickly.

Engine Misfires:

When the belt starts to wear out considerably the timing of the camshaft and therefore the crankshaft will not be in sync the way they’re supposed to. Which will mean that your fuel and air mixture is being injected into the chamber at the incorrect time, and also the combustion reaction will happen out of sync with the remainder of the engine causing a misfire in the chamber.


Engine Won’t Turn Over:

This is a possible side effect if your timing belt is completely broken but you’re not driving the car at the instant. Perhaps it snapped the instant you tried to show your car on because the pressure hit the belt. Which will make sure that the engine itself is unable to turn over, and you cannot start your vehicle.


Oil Leaks:

You may find yourself having oil leaking from the front of your motor if it is a problem with your timing belt. This will be a result of the teeth of your timing belt disruption and falling into the oil pan below. They’ll clog the oil pan and stop oil from circulating properly throughout your vehicle. It also can find yourself leading to your engine overheating and causing some serious damage.


Rough Idling:

There are several different reasons that you simply may well be experiencing some rough idling when you’re just sitting in your vehicle, but an issue along with your timing belt is one of all them. This can be presumed to happen when teeth come loose, and that they stand still in the gears causing the car to jerk and vibrate, although you’re just sitting still inside the vehicle.


Bad Oil Pressure:

Aside from oil leaks, you may have issues with the pressure when the teeth break off of the timing belt to induce clogged in the oil pan. That forestalls oil from circulating the way it’s speculated to, lowering the force per unit area and preventing it from circulating properly through the engine.

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