Is It Legal to Use Fog Lights When There’s No-Fog?

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Technically, you’ll use your fog lights even without the presence of fog if the conditions you’re driving in entail an identical low-visibility setting. this might be the case if you’re driving in very heavy rain, for example, or through a sirocco.

It’s important to know that there could also be road rules covering the employment of fog lights in your state. as an example, there’s a law in Florida that disallows the employment of fog lights and other auxiliary lights when other cars are on the road—except in foggy conditions.

Meanwhile, in some other states, there’s a law that prohibits the utilization of fog lights after you are within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle or 350 feet if you’re behind another car. this is often to avoid the likelihood of blinding other drivers with the glare.


Some states regulate the color of your fog lights. as an example, in Washington and Colorado, fog lights must be limited to white or amber—or any modify between, within the case of the latter state.

Always check your state or city laws about fog light usage to avoid any violations and untoward incidents.

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