How to make the switch to a hydraulic clutch?

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Making the switch to hydraulic clutch:

Hydraulic clutch conversion kits are relatively affordable, usually within the neighborhood of $500. However, the installation process is typically moderate to difficult. this is often employed for skilled wrenchers.

Overview of the Hydraulic Clutch Kit Conversion Process:
Converting your car to a hydraulic clutch kit will vary supported your vehicle, its transmission, and therefore the kit you choose. However, the fundamental process is pretty similar across vehicles.

1. Remove all of the present linkage components from your mechanical set-up.
2. Drill through your firewall to mount and connect the cylinder.
3. Install the slave cylinder and connect it to the hydraulic brake cylinder.
4. Install the reservoir.
5. After everything is connected, perform a bleed to make sure that the hydraulic fluid is functioning properly.
6. Test the treadle.

As you’re testing the clutch, it should feel normal and smooth throughout the range of motion. It shouldn’t stand still anywhere or fail to return to its resting position. If you don’t experience any problems, it should be ready for a test drive.

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