Can I add a HUD to my current car?

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Aftermarket Head-Up Display systems have reached the market and might be installed in your vehicle. However, the available systems are basic and lack many of the features of factory-installed systems include  ADAS displays.

There’s a big selection of add-on HUDs. Systems range from smartphone-based reflective HUD displays to small screens that are plugged into your car’s OBD2 diagnostic port. The three commonest types are:


  • Hudway Glass uses your smartphone’s display to project travel details onto a transparent glass screen mounted on your dash. this method requires an app that produces a similitude of your phone screen. With Hudway, impressive detail may be achieved with no cords or advanced installation. On the opposite hand, with this method, you’re limited to the data available on your phone.
  • SHEROX HUD display may be a wired system that projects basic travel info onto your windshield. The compact 3.1-centimeter (3.5-inch) device can show your speed, coolant temperature, voltage, and a pair of warnings indicators.
  • ACECAR Universal HUD system does much identical because of the previous HUD but with more options. additionally, to providing information on driving speed and basic warnings indicators, it includes an easy RPM gauge and a driving timer.

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