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All The Japanese Car Auctions on One Site.

All The Japanese Car Auctions on One Site: Japan used car auction is a procedure of selling 2nd-hand vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Machinery) by offering them up for bidding, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. Auto auctions can be found in most countries, but the Japanese Auto Auction System is the most reliable and consistent system in the international market. With over thirty renowned auto auction groups and more than 200 […]

All tires with the same designation are the same size?

The truth: Think all 225/35R19s (or whatever tire size) are exactly 225 millimeters wide and their sidewalls are exactly 35 percent as tall because the tire is wide? Not exactly. And in contrast to what’s commonly believed, these designations aren’t about production tolerances. All the tires of a particular part number or stock-keeping unit (SKU) will be slightly wider or narrower than the nominal width and their profile will be slightly taller or shorter than the stated percentage. Why? A wider, taller tire puts more rubber […]

All Types of Seat Belts and How They Work

Seat belt use has been one of the largest cultural shifts within the World over the last several decades. Only 15% of individuals wore seat belts within the early 1980s. Those numbers have risen to almost 90% because of the introduction of primary safety belt laws. Safety divisions within the car industry have also continued to boost safety belt design over time for passenger comfort and protection. Here, we’ll discuss the six forms of seat […]

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Everything you need to know

Rapidly changing technology has brought with it shining new toys which are reflected within the homes in which we live, the roles we do, and therefore the cars we elect to drive. And after all in our mobile phones, which have quickly become an extension of how we communicate all told aspects of our lives. Such is our dependence on our phones that we won’t be parted from them, even whilst driving. And being distracted […]

Are Forward Collision Warning systems effective?

Are FCW systems effective? FCW systems are a comparatively new feature, and also the precise way these systems work can vary widely across manufacturers. thanks to both of those factors, there’s limited information on just what percentage of crashes are avoided or mitigated by each of the FCW systems.   One way to estimate the potential effectiveness of a replacement safety system is to calculate the number of crashes that are relevant to the system. […]

Are Power Liftgates Worth The Money?

Pros & Cons: From a convenience standpoint, power liftgates are extremely helpful if you access your vehicle’s cargo deck frequently. Additionally, the flexibility to open the hatch or tailgate while not having to place down whatever you’re carrying is an enormous plus. In weather conditions, an influence liftgate can prevent the difficulty of touching a grimy vehicle. having the ability to open and shut the trunk or hatch remotely could be a useful feature for taxi/ride-hailing drivers, especially when passengers forget to try and do so. Power liftgates, however, aren’t always worthwhile. The feature probably won’t be missed if you’re considering a car […]

Are there any benefits of Electronic Stability Control?

  Benefits of Electronic Stability Control: The most important role ESC plays in driving safety is reducing the amount and severity of crashes. Almost everyone finally ends up in nasty, slippery driving conditions at some point, whether it is a rainstorm, a sudden patch of ice, or a snowy road. Electronic stability control, together with the opposite safety and regulatory devices onboard today’s vehicles, can help drivers maintain control on the road. Electronic stability control […]

Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

  Safe: If properly installed, high-quality wheel spacers are very safe. However, having wheels that aren’t covered by the fenders or wheel wells could also be illegal in your locality. These vehicle codes are designed to forestall the likelihood of rocks and debris striking other drivers or pedestrians. Check your local laws to determine what the regulations say. As mentioned above, wheel spacers can even wear out suspension parts more quickly. This may be detrimental within the long-term but isn’t inherently […]

AWD vs 4WD, Are they same?

  AWD vs 4WD: All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive — they sound just like the same thing, right? The primary objective of both systems is to boost a car’s traction, helping it accelerate in inclement conditions like rain or snow. A misconception, however, is that they’re going to make your car safer in adverse weather. While having AWD or 4WD can aid your vehicle in snow, the motive force input and tires of your car will make more of a difference. All-wheel and […]

Can a foreigner buy a car in Japan?

Can a foreigner buy a car in Japan: If you have a valid Japanese license or an international driver’s license and a foreign driver’s license that is at least 3 months old and is approved by the Japanese authorities then you can legally hire or buy a car while in Japan. Before purchasing a car in Japan you must have somewhere to park it. Not only that, you must prove to the car dealer that […]

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